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Reflective House Signs

We have been making our reflective house signs since 1995. They work similar to the reflective backing plate on car number plates or lettering on emergency vehicles. When any light is caught by the reflective text it returns the light back to the observer and so gives a glowing effect which makes the house names or numbers far more visible at night.


The white reflective text and numbers are not paint - they are made from a laminated layer of a silvered background with millions of microscopic glass beads (reflecting like microscopic 'cats eyes') encapsulated in a clear PVC to keep them from weathering. The lettering is flush to the surface of the plaque and reflects light back to the observer at night giving a glowing effect and making the lettering easier to see and read from a distance in the dark.  These house plaques carry a 7 years worldwide guarantee.

All house plaques in our Classic, Rustic and Bridge top ranges have white reflective lettering and numbers. We can also hand paint pictorials on some of the larger base plaques in these ranges

It's Good to Know: Reflective house signs are endorsed by Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Police who frequently report wasting valuable time locating exact home addresses in the dark when quick response times are crucial.